Blog Update 2/08

Hey guys,

I hope you're having a great trip!

By way of update;

New Property:

  • We have been in Brisbane this week viewing numerous properties

  • We are working through the due-diligence on two in particular that we think might tick the boxes

  • We will let you know if we think they are worthwhile pursuing and what our proposed strategy is in the coming days.

Letters St:

  • We carried out our first inspection last weekend and the property was well presented and the tenants are happy

  • Please view the condition report and photos here.

  • There were a few items raised that we’re quoting and will come back to you once we have those costs, but as an FYI:

  • 9 light bulbs have blown and we are having these replaced (it's the landlord's responsibility in the ACT!)

  • Schedule C02 test inspection ($297), this a yearly fee and required by law to ensure there are no gas leaks

  • The side fence on the LHS of the driveway is getting worse. The wood is rotten and broken in several areas and the fence has thick foliage (ivy/vines) adding further weight

  • We are having this quoted for a remedial option and replacement option and can include this in the long-term maintenance plan

  • There are a few bills coming up and they are;

  • Smoke alarm testing (again compliance), $99 and due 31-Aug

  • We will pay from your rent

  • ICON Water bill for 1-April to 3—June is overdue to the lateness of the handover from Independent

  • The payment is processing as a Direct Debit.

Please let me know if you have any questions?

Thanks, Michael

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