Weekly Update - 16/10

Hi guys,

As we approach the finish line of this Friday the site is a buzz of activity!

Last week we achieved the following:

  • Internal painting of ceilings and walls has been completed

  • All electrical work including the additions has been completed

  • Commencement of the new flooring

  • Commencement of external painting

This week sees the completion of the renovation, with the remaining to happen:

  • New flooring completed today (Monday 15th)

  • Painting of skirting boards and doors will be completed on Tuesday

  • Door handles being installed on Wednesday

  • New roller blinds are being installed on Thursday

  • All internal works will be completed by Thursday

  • Throughout the week all exterior painting continues and will be finished on Friday

  • New front gate is under construction and will be completed by Thursday

  • Internal construction clean Friday afternoon

  • Landscaping and garden tidy up will happen on Thursday and Friday

  • Final finished on Saturday

  • All work completed by Saturday.

Tenant Update

Last week we had two inspections (Wednesday & Saturday). Whilst we have received positive feedback, we are yet to get an application. We are going to push it pretty hard this week with updated photos on the listing after the work has been completed today. There are a couple of interested appicants who we are hopeful will make the application this week. One of which has indicated they could be ready to move in on Monday.

Will keep you updated on this front as more news comes to hand.



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