Weekly Update - Friday 29/9

Hi guys,

As you would have seen in the Pinterest and Instagram feeds things are progressing well on-site. This week the following happened:

  • Acrylic render completed - this included prep, cement render undercoat and acrylic render top coat

  • Kitchen reface completed and range hood has been installed

  • Front fence being completed tomorrow

  • Due to rain in Canberra, we pushed out the roof restoration and painting to start next week (02/10), all timings are fine as we have buffers built in.

Below is a quick snapshot of the next week:

  • Saturday - Electrical work

  • Sunday - N/A

  • Monday - Roof restoration / Electrical work

  • Tuesday - Roof restoration

  • Wednesday - Roof restoration

  • Thursday - Roof restoration / Painting

  • Friday - Painting

  • Saturday - Painting

As per the property managers advice, our next tenant viewings are the 11th and 14th of October once the house is further completed. Check out the Pinterest feed on your site or #evattreno on Instagram for up to date progress pics.

Also, check out the latest Canberra articles on your site.

We'll be in touch throughout the week with further updates.



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