Weekly Update

Hey guys,

Big week this one for you both, we settled on your 1st investment property in Canberra yesterday! A huge congratulations to you both.

Today, we have trades starting on the renovation with the sparky roughing in the exterior up/down lights before we render the property next week. We also have the landscaper on-site clearing any bushes and trees that are close to and/or touching the building. This is so the renderers can have clear access to the property next week.

Below is a quick snap shot of what's happening next week:

Today - Landscaper clearing bushes / Electrician preparing power for external lighting

Monday - Kitchen removal

Tuesday - Kitchen install / Rendering

Wednesday - Kitchen install / Rendering / Glass bricks removal and door install

Thursday - Rendering / Glass bricks removal and door install / Door handles / Wardrobe fix

Friday - Rendering

Saturday - Electrician

Also, please check out the latest article we posted on your site. It's a report from ANZ who are predicting Canberra to have the strongest capital growth in 2018 :)

Will be in touch next week with some pics of the renovation.



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