The Week That Was

Hey guys,

Hope you're both well?

This is a quick update to keep you in the loop for the week that was and the week that lie ahead. We are well and truly in the depths of your brief, looking at all options across the countryside. Talking with agents, pounding the streets and working with our data scientist to get a clear understanding of the national markets and what is going to best suit your needs.

As you know, we frequently travel interstate to keep our finger on the pulse, and this week was no different. Our footprint, albeit, a cold one, can be found in Canberra, Hobart and Adelaide. Previously, we have also recently been upto Brisvegas and down to Melbourne - so we are definitely always well averse to our nations property market.

Next Friday, we are scheduled to meet and discuss our findings and we can't wait to take you through this in greater detail. The purpose of this meeting is to present our research and provide you with a region recommendation for investment. You won't need to make a decision on the spot, so we encourage you to go away and digest the information shared and come back to us with your feedback and approval on a region. At this point, we then begin the search for your property!

As always, let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.



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