What We've Been Upto

Hi gang,

Hope you're both well?

Just wanted to touch base with you to give you brief update of where we are at with everything.

• As you both know, you have been pre-approved with ANZ for $1.2M. Exciting times! Jack, can you please confirm with Mike what he needs from you to authorise Milk Chocolate to communicate with him? As discussed, I'd love to be able to liaise with Mike when required.

• It's been head down bum up with myself and our Data Scientist reviewing the market in comparison to your brief and requirements. I will be personally travelling interstate next week to review the regions we have hand picked.

• At this stage I would like to present back to you on Monday the 19th of June. In this meeting, I will take you through our research supported with a full analysis and recommendation on which region in Australia to be buying in. Following this meeting, we like to allow our clients time to digest the research and recommendations provided. We can agree a time to meet again to discuss the recommendations with a formal approval granted in the second meeting to move forward. We then begin the search for your property.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please let me know. Otherwise, have a nice weekend and i'll be in touch later next week.



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