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Hey guys,

Michael tells me you had a good meeting yesterday and we're feeling comfortable where everything is at currently. There was some amends that were required for the Reverse Brief which we have now updated on the 'About you' page. I have also listed the other key takeouts from the meeting below:

  • You would like to see options ranging from $500 - $650K

  • Would like to see what you can purchase in Sydney; and

  • Would be happy to see what a Sydney wildcard for $800K could look like

  • Confirming, the cash flow analysis on each property is important to your decision making

  • Would like to see the difference on P&I, Interest only, Fixed and Variable, % split in the cash flow

  • You would prefer to complete a cosmetic renovation as opposed to a larger renovation (dipping your toes before you undertake a bigger renovation)

  • Overall were happy / excited

  • You were happy with the timeframe of two weeks to present our research

  • We're all on the same page that the process would take about 3 months.

In the comments section, can you please provide your approval / feedback ​for the above points and reverse brief?

Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.



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